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Petaluma Christian Church is a movement of Jesus followers pursuing life “Up” with God, sharing life “In” with one another, and following Christ “Out” in the world with faith, hope, and love.


Pursue Up

  • A church in which every person is part of a smaller community.  
  • A church where that worships in “Spirit and in Truth.”
  • A church that is bathed in prayer.
  • A church where children are loved and cared for.
  • A church committed to discipleship.

Share IN

  • A church that is a “safe place.” 
  • A church built around smaller communities.
  • A church that prays together regularly.
  • A church where every person contributes to the body. 

Follow Out

  • A church that engages the community. 
  • A church committed to being Christ’s witnesses. 
  • A church that challenges people to find their missional calling.
  • A church that loves our city and is a force of faith, hope, and love.