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Erik Keene – Senior Pastor

Pastor  Erik formerly oversaw our worship ministry, but in February of 2017, Pastor Erik was voted in as the Senior Pastor of Petaluma Christian Church.
Pastor Erik is a Bay Area native, spending most of his childhood in the East Bay and attending Bible college in the South Bay. It was at this Bible college and former church were he and Cece met. They are very passionate about discipleship and walking new believers though their relationship with Christ.
Pastor Erik and Cece have been married since June 21, 2014 and on March 25, 2017 they welcomed their first child Olivia in to this world. They are expecting their second child on November 18th, 2019.
We strive, as a family, to make church life and home life one and the same. I never want our kids to think there is a difference between my “job” and our personal life, our family and the Church body, or Pastor Erik and daddy. Being in church leadership, being a pastor is not a career choice, but a calling that requires a lifestyle. -Pastor Erik 
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