Our History

Our church has been part of the city of Petaluma for 154 years and counting. A lot has changed, and we strive to be a body that courageously plunges ahead into the future. In many ways, the story of PCC begins anew with each generation. As we pass along what we have learned, we add our story to the larger story of PCC and the even larger story of Jesus. Each generation builds on the past, and marches forward adding their own stories, preferences, styles, etc. into the mix, continually molding and shaping our church into something more beautiful than it was before. We have attached a few documents that you can click on to read about our history, and we pray that you would add your own story and join us in creating our futureā€¦
Church History 1865-1972
A history of our church’s early years…
Church history_1865-1972.pdf
Church History 1972-2005
Life at the New Location…